There are plenty of factors to figure in when planning a conference or event.

We’ve created a help page with some ideas of things you may want to consider when planning a conference or choosing a venue.


Location & Transportation

  • Do you need to be somewhere central in the UK or Europe or anywhere else in the world?
  • Do you want to be in a city centre or on the outskirts of town?
  • How are your delegates travelling i.e. do you require access to public transport, motorways or car parks?
  • Is there car parking onsite, if so is there a charge? (Quite often car parking may be an additional charge to the delegate rate)
  • If there isn’t any public transport close by, how will your delegates get to the venue?
  • Consider the weather or even other local events taking place that may have an impact on your event both for availability and access.


Venue Suitability

  • Is the first impression a good one?
  • Is the venue available on the required dates?
  • How flexible is the venue should you need to change the date?
  • Does the venue fit the company’s image or the image you’re trying to project?
  • Will the venue appeal to your target audience?
  • Can you brand areas of the venue with your company’s logo/information?



  • Does the venue fit within your budget?
  • Have the best rates been negotiated (either by yourself or an agent?)
  • Does the price quoted include everything you need for your event?
  • Are there any extra costs that you need to be aware of? (such as bottled water – is that included in rate or just jugs of water?)
  • Does the price include all the equipment you need? (Sometimes specialist equipment may have to be hired in)



  • Is the room offered large enough for the style and numbers for your event?
  • Does the room have enough space to move around comfortably in?
  • Are the toilets close to the meeting room?
  • Are there any pillars in the meeting room that might obstruct viewing?
  • Does the venue have all equipment required for your event?
  • Is WIFI required and available at the venue?
  • Will the catering be provided in the meeting room, outside the meeting room or in another area? In which case, are these areas adequate and easy to get to?
  • How close to the room is the kitchen? (the last thing you want is cold food for lunch!)
  • Does the venue offer leisure facilities if required?
  • Is the venue fully accessible for disabled delegates?
  • Is accommodation provided onsite if required?


Additional things to think about

  • If at all possible, arrange to see the venue and room/s.
  • If you are to have more than one room, check to see if the rooms are close by – the last thing you need are your delegates having to walk half a mile to get to your breakout space!
  • If you are able to visit the venue before making a decision, see if you can sample the food or at least see a sample menu.
  • Are the staff attentive on your site visit? If not, it may be a clear indication of how they will be for your actual event.
  • When is payment due and is it possible to set up a credit account so that you can be invoiced after the event instead of having to pay up front?
  • What is the cancellation policy for the hotel?



  • Don’t underestimate the value of food and beverages to a successful event.
  • First Impressions really count
  • Quality service is essential to a well executed event, no matter what star rating or standard the venue is.



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