To Confex or Not To Confex, That Is The Question.

Throughout the year there are a number of exhibitions, or ‘Expos’ as they’re referred to, aimed at the Conference, Events and Incentive Markets. These take place throughout the UK and the world and can be a fantastic way of meeting new suppliers, clients and generally managing to meet as many people as possible who work within the events industry all under one roof and in a short space of time.

Confex is one of those Expos and this year it moved to a new location, the Excel Conference and Exhibition Centre in Canary Wharf. There are a number of reasons why the show would move location, it’s been at its previous location (Earls Court) too long, the old venue is closing, the show organisers feel they need to boost their footfall with a ‘new’ show, the organisers want to be closer to the Olympics Village….the list is endless.

In the last few years Confex, as well as other well known Expos, have suffered. One reason is due to the economic crises where less people are able to leave the office without real justification and reason. Another is the fact that these events sometimes have the same suppliers year in and year out and charge a huge sum of money to be there, knocking out any possibility of a smaller, lesser known company to be able to afford to exhibit.

This year I was indecisive as to whether to attend Confex. It gives me a great opportunity to meet with a lot of suppliers I already know (the plus side to having the same suppliers there year in year out) and potentially meeting new suppliers. The new location and offer of a ‘new’ event was definitely intriguing but could I really afford to spend the time (it would be at least one full day) and money (cost of travel from Manchester to London ) out of the office and was it worth it?

Having thought about it for quite a while, I decided that this year was not the year for me to go down to Confex, my time was better spent in the office managing the work load that was here already. I have yet to hear as to how the event was received and whether the move really did make a difference to this years’ attendance but I’ll certainly be keeping my ear out. Perhaps next year I’ll make the trip to see for myself what the move has achieved.

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